Knowledge. Wisdom. Protection & A Job.

Today, I celebrate Knowledge, Wisdom, Protection & a Job! 45 Cities. 17K Miles. 3.5 Months. 100+ Interviews. I Interview People that Step Into Fear to Fulfill their Life Calling. One year ago, I left Milwaukee,Wisconsin to do something BIG. Alone. It was life training, fun, grueling, rewarding, character building - all while requiring 100% faith. … Continue reading Knowledge. Wisdom. Protection & A Job.

Mania … pure Mania!

What drives a person (pun intended), to launch a project of this magnitude? 30 cities. 10K miles 2.5 months Mania ... pure Mania! By Mania I mean vision, drive, talent and calling...and a good dose of obsession & belief. Without that ... I would never have arrived at the starting line. Why? Fear. Fear dominates … Continue reading Mania … pure Mania!