About Me

“When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not consume you.” Isaiah 43:2

I Believe in the Power of People.

Heather Koehn portrait

I am a talent warrior. I seek, create and cultivate opportunities and moments of truth for people that are in search of their destiny and greatness. One step at a time we get there.

I inspire, craft vision and develop moments of truth – to teach and test progress.

Project Light It Up, Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers is a life lesson and test rolled into one. The journey and derivatives from this Purpose Driven Road Trip, will craft a boot camp style reality show.

Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers, embraces Fear … Opportunity … Vision and offers a voyeuristic look into people that have stepped into their Passion, Destiny & Calling.

How? The project crafts opportunities out of thin air, by developing solid connections via cold calls and single degrees of separation. The catalyst and core is the Power of People.

I Believe in Life Purpose, fulfilled through Fearless, Inspired Talent.

Talent cultivation is a key cornerstone of my career – it was by design from the very beginning. (Pause.) I wasn’t aware it was part of the  grand design, … God’s design until a few years ago … when the jigsaw puzzle of my life really started to align  – absolutely incredible.

The newest deviation in my life occurred a short time ago, I discovered I would be in career transition due to a mass company downsizing. That gave me Pause. For the first time in 23 years I am without  formal employment, I am in awe of that. Fearful. Excited. Giddy… Embracing Awe.


In the moment of finality, when the final ‘ax had fallen,’ (…at the end of the day on my birthday, salient and significant for probability’s sake ….), I experienced a few emotional moments, followed by an inner voice. That voice, literally spoke to me from within – stating, ‘This is a GIFT, (Pause.) … you are receiving it Wrong. Change your PERSPECTIVE.’ I had an amazing sense of peace that evening … directly following that moment of truth.

The next morning, when I woke – Project Light It Up, Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers had been born. It was not a thought of ‘maybe I should do this,’ instead the direction was communicated internally as a mandate. Project Light It Up … was NOT optional. I accepted the opportunity and said, ‘Yes.’

For clarification’s sake … I do not have a personal desire to travel to 30 cities … by myself … via a road trip. I’ve never been an aspiring Blogger (videography via YouTube, etc.) … I have Zero experience in high videography, editing, sound, formal interviews, etc.

While Blogging was not an inner driver to launch this endeavor , it has incorporated an element from my coaching of others. As I believe in the power of people, I often encouraged talent to pursue and even cold call connections within their networks. My people would listen but never accept that piece of counsel, and truly I had not examples to share.

That said, I continued to believe that people open doors or keep them shut during moments of opportunity. Period. Doors are usually opened by strangers to share wisdom, knowledge, insight and at times serve as a bridge.

It’s through Project Light It Up, I will demonstrate the adventure of the cold call process, relationship cultivation … the value of having an idea and executing immediately even though it may not be absolutely perfect ….

America’s potential and its future lies with our People, our Talent and is contingent upon People acknowledging their Fears about fulfilling their Destiny and Calling, but deciding to Step through the Fire. It is with this introduction, I bring you Project Light It Up: Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers.