30 Cities 10K Miles. 2-1/2 Months. A Purpose Driven Road Trip

Curious? Where am I off to?!?


Well first, it’s good to know where I am starting from … I’m a native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The journey begins and ends here. How did I choose the cities? I wanted to choose cities that are beautiful, adventurous and would be a place I believe I wouldn’t mind living some day … poof!

In some instances … I just plain needed to have a planned rest stop … but the cities – all of them, are the fabric that makes Project Light It up. Cities influence people, growth, opportunity, talent, adventure and inspire the love of life.

Each of the cities chosen is a Key Influencer in the Core of Project Light It Up:

Life Purpose, fulfilled through Fearless, Inspired Talent.

So many people do not fulfill their calling, their destiny – because they are afraid to step out. Step out in faith, step of out of line, step out of the norm. Tragic.

Project Light It Up

Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers will illustrate how to create of a life of Transformation.

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List all the Cities

St. George Utah Boulder, CO Denver, CO  Kansas City, MO Bentonville, AK  Dallas, TX
Austin, TX  Houston, TX  New Orleans, LA   Pensacola, FL  Atlanta, GA  Richmond, VA
Washington DC  Philadelphia, PA  New York City, NY  Boston, MA  Niagara Falls, NY / Canada
Cincinnati, OH  Chicago, IL  Milwaukee, WI..