Mania … pure Mania!

What drives a person (pun intended), to launch a project of this magnitude?

30 cities. 10K miles 2.5 months

Mania … pure Mania! By Mania I mean vision, drive, talent and calling…and a good dose of obsession & belief. Without that … I would never have arrived at the starting line. Why? Fear.

Fear dominates our senses. Fear keeps us in check. Fear maintains the status quo mentality. I am Not the status quo.

With all of my quirks and non traditional life ‘tests,’ experiments and other oddities … I believe my personality naturally recognizes Fear, but can prioritize vision, adventure and progress.

So what makes one person exposed to fear and opportunity a greater visionary and leader than another?

Consider what Fear is preventing you from doing with your life.

Am here hosting a live, reality VLOG … about stepping into Fear. Join me by subscribing to the journey!

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