Jumping off that cliff …

Sometimes we’re not quite ready to make a move. We walk toward the cliff, and then back to our comfort zone, and then back to the cliff again … peering at the drop from a safe distance. Most of us walk away from the cliff … due to fear.

I can relate to that.

Project Light It Up (www.projectlightitup.com) is completely out of my comfort zone and quite honestly, what it took to move it this far, is not a result of my competencies. It’s a result of a spirit of perseverance and guided execution by my people.

What people? Honestly old friends that just magically appeared at the right time, networking and exploring the expertise of new friends … and in some cases a good old fashioned, ‘call for help’ – no shame here.

Project Light It Up is about working with people and meeting new ones along the way to create a piece of work to move our fellow man forward, by showing him how to embrace the unknown.

What does that all mean?

I am not an expert Vlogger,  but I am doing it – as fast as I can to the best of my ability. I’ve kicked off this crazy 30 city, 3 month,  10k mile trip, despite being over my head.

What am I doing?

I am traveling the nation vlogging and interviewing people that stepped into fear. Once or time and time again, to live their talent, calling and to step into their destiny.

Why? Because I am meant to do it.

When an inner voice tells me something, in such an affirmative, directive way … I listen. I know better not to, particularly when all the talents and resources present themself.

So! Here I am on this journey … having stepped off the cliff … admittedly having fallen a bit, but strongly treading water as I put one foot in front of the other, to build a piece of work others can use, to step into the fire, step into fear … and make a giant life jump forward.

Connect with me on any or all of the 9 social media platforms where I am present as I make my way across the United States. See my Facebook page for all 9 platforms, and connect with me.

You can subscribe to my VLOG at http://www.projectlightitup.com.

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