Faith Walk

I am thankful.

Thankful for Grace. Inner Peace. Abundance. Discipline. Growth. Awareness. & Opportunity.

Most of all … I am thankful to be of Service.

I recognize I am here to fulfill not what I would do with my life … but rather, my life is truly best used when my talents align with God’s plan for me. I ask to be used in an incredibly unique way … and one of those petitions has come to fruition with A Spotlight on Fearless Talent, Project Light It Up: Testimonies of America’s Firewalkers.


I have always been a person of faith, but admittedly fell away gradually for some time. Then there was a salient moment in my life, when I was brought back into the fold … and experienced what it truly means  to be of faith, Christian and to live my life to the best of my ability aligned with him and his plan for me.

The vehicle that helped me enter back into the church, was an acquaintance at the time, and is now a good friend. She introduced me to an incredible community focused on communicating God’s message, not pomp and circumstance.

My pastor’s sermons were unlike (and still are) … anything I had ever heard. They resonated, they were straight, and most important relatable and used the bible as the foundation of all teachings.

Every Wednesday, 7a.m. Central, my pastor offers a Word, for about 15 minutes via Facebook Live. I invite you to add him to your network and check him out at:

Project Light it Up is part of my Faith Walk … and is one of the ways, I am stepping through Fear, and embracing my purpose. I fully expect to be judged by those that do not understand and are not in alignment with the project’s deliverables … but for those that are … they are the people meant to receive the message. It is my greatest undertaking to date, character building and affirmatively a true walk in Faith.

Details about Faithbuilders International:


Its on the above site you can find more information about the church, our pastors and even download messages here or via podcast to get a feel for our community.

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